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Or you can run any other kind of SQUARES pool. It doesn't have to be for the superbowl.

For those who don't already know, in a squares pool, everyone picks one or more out of 100 squares. This is your typical 100 square football pool. At the end of each quarter of the game, the score is used to determine which square won. Only 1 square will be a winner each quarter. What you do is take the LAST digit of the first team's score, and find that number on the left. Then follow that row over to the column that matches the last digit of the SECOND team's score.
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Here is a video that explains how to use the pool: How to use Squarespool.com video

Here is the Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ): Squarespool Frequently Asked Questions

For questions on the squares pool, feel free to email me at: craigh01@gmail.com

Run a playoff pool

Since it's a while until the super bowl, you may want to run a playoff pool. You can do that for free here: fbplayoffs.com. This is a free site. The way it works is, WildCard Weekend is a pick-all, then divisional playoffs, conference championships, and the superbowl are a bracket.

Running a monday-night football squares pool!

I see more and more people asking about running a Monday Night Football squares pool. What they want to do is keep the squares picks, but clear the numbers every week. So I've upgraded Squarespool Pro to allow for that: when you clear the pool, you can clear just the numbers, or just the boxes, or both. So for a Monday Night Football squares pool, you'll want to clear the numbers, but not the boxes. You can also run a Monday Night Football squares pool with the free version by just creating a new page every week.

Running your regular (pick-all) office football pool online

In addition to the 100 square football pool, we also have a great NFL / college football pool system that you can use to run your office football pool online. You get your own personal page just like with the squares pool. And it's easy to use, and extremely configurable for different rules. you can set one up here:
Run your office football pool online at castle64.com

Finding your pool

FIND Superbowl Squares Pool. Each squares pool has it's own home page. Your game runner should have given you the home page of your pool. For example, http://www.squarespool.com/joespool.htm. However, if you've forgotten your home page name, you can find that here:
  Find a Superbowl Squares Pool

Or you can search for your pool here: Search for Pool

*** WE NOW HAVE A MARCH MADNESS POOL!!! It's very similar to the squares pool format which everyone likes. The site is marchmadness.com. If you'd like to try out a free march madness pool there, click this button:
March Madness Pool!

Many of our squares pool players ask about where to find football predictions each week and one of the most popular websites for that is Doc's Sports since they provide free picks on every single NFL game along with detailed team statistics.

Example of a manual squares pool

If you're not sure "what the heck is a squares pool"?, then looking at an example sheet I think will be better than 1,000 words in describing what we mean by "squares pool": Squares Pool Example

So, at squaresPool.com we are doing pretty much what you see there, BUT we do it in an electronic format. (Much more fun!)

Squares pool Templates

We have a couple of Superbowl Block Templates you can download here: Squares Pool Templates

Best numbers to get

Certain scores are of course more likely than others. Therefore, when they pick their square(s), they don't know what the NUMBERS are on the left and on the top. After everyone picks their square(s), the game runner will generate the numbers.

So, WHICH numbers are more likely??? I'll just go back to last year (2011) and see how many NFL scores ended in each number. I'm skipping pre-season games, so up through the conference championships, you had 267 games, so you had 534 scores. So, which superbowl squares numbers are more likely, which ones happen more often? HERE IT IS:
NumberTimes OccurredPercentScoresComments
79415.6%17 (42 times), 27 (27 times!), 7 (17 times), 37 (8 times) Gotta get that 7!
08614.3%20 (39 times), 10 (26 times), 30 (14 times), 0 (5 times), 40 (2 times) 
48213.6%24 (40 times), 14 (21 times), 34 (20 times), 44 (1 times) 
38013.3%23 (32 times), 13 (30 times), 3 (13 times), 33 (5 times)Looks like 3 or 4 are about the same
1416.8%31 (20 times), 21 (12 times), THIS ROW is the cutoff! You want to have a 7, 0, 4, or 3!
6376.1%I really would have thought 6 would be more common!
5305.0%Looks like 9, 8, and 5 are equally bad
2203.3%Gotta hate this one! The WORST one is a 2!

Of course the problem here is that I just have the TOTAL score. I bet 3 is a lot more likely in the first quarter. But my database only has final scores. If anyone knows where I could get a database of scores by quarter, could you let me know? My email is craigh01@gmail.com.

Or you can run the program to generate this page: Most Likely SuperBowl Square Numbers

Running it with just 1 number instead of 4 numbers

OK MAJOR UPDATE!!!. I have now added the ability for you to have just ONE number instead of 4! I still think it's a lot better to have 4 sets of numbers (one for each quarter), because if you get stuck with, say, a 2 and a 5, you are stuck with that for the whole game! If you have the 4 sets of numbers, you get to have a new chance every quarter. At least make it more fun so they can cheer and hope for their score to come up on quarter 1, 2, 3, AND the final score! So, EVERY quarter they can go "come on... come on all I need is a field goal... don't miss it.. don't miss it..." (and then of course he missed it!). Or those that hope against hope can go "all I need is a SAFETY in the next 5 minutes..."... And then they get it! Can you imagine the screams on that one???

However, if you MUST do it with just one number, I now have that option! When creating your pool, there is a drop down for either "4 numbers on each row/column", or "just 1 number on each row/column".

The dude put his squares pool on a spreadsheet
If your game runner is one of those dinosaurs who insists on running his game on a spreadsheet (or, even worse, on paper!), you can STILL use this site. Just take HIS spreadsheet, strip out all the crap leaving just the 10 X 10 names, and you can UPLOAD the spreadsheet into this site. That makes it more fun during the game, everyone can see who's winning, and you don't have to "figure it out", the program finds the winner for you. AND, you can keep putting in possibilities, like, say, the score is 17 - 3 in the middle of the first quarter, you can easily see who would win if it STAYS that way, or you can try it like, say, if the NFC gets another field goal who would win.

Most surprising Superbowl winners ever

A lot of people are wondering how the New England Patriots will fare without Bradyin the first 4 games. This article gives the information.

Hockey-Themed Gaming Machines

For more information on this squares pool, or my other football pools, email me at craigh01@gmail.com

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