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Every pool gets it's own Personal Page. For example, the personal page for "Andy's Superbowl Squares Pool" might be andys.htm The only restriction is no spaces, and no special characters (except underscores). Put the page name only in here. On the internet, your page will be under our domain, for example, So don't try to put in "http" or anything like that. Again, in the above example, it would be just "andys.htm":

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Normally you will have 4 numbers for each row and column: 1 number for each quarter. That way, each quarter you have a different set of numbers to hope for! This way, everone has a chance at some good (highly possible) numbers, instead of getting stuck with just ONE set of numbers for the whole game. However, for those old-school people that have "always done it that way", we do have an option to have just ONE number instead of four:

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Note: if you don't know the teams yet, you could put AFC, NFC, or something like that. You can update the team names later using Modify Pool on your Game Runner menu.

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