Hello all Again. Without our Patriots, this year takes on a little less meaning. Anyway I would offer this again.2 bucks per square initial max will be 3 squares per entry. Sunday at 4pm enter as often as you wish.Michael and Laura are handling collection and pay Warm Shelter will receive if blank hits Initial passcode is 67palmer

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Trash Talk

Entered by: Phil Entered on: Sat 2/1 7:45 PM

Nice to see Jayson Bonardi support this pool Last year Jayson Had problems figuring out the system Uncle Philsy had to choose Wisely For JB And He won

Entered by: MichaelF Entered on: Sun 2/2 3:57 PM

Breaking news coming across the wire: Per Ian Rapoport of @TheRapsheet Roger Goodell is opening an investigation into Sainsburysuperbowl 2020 pool as multiple players have entered more than the allotted 3 entries per person before the 4 oclock deadline. Not sure how discipline will be levied but it is a situation worth monitoring.