Coach Playoff pool

Pay outs will be determine later when all entries are complete Numbers will be automatically generated Deadline is January 4, 2020 (1 qtr) TeX vs Buf - (2 qtr) Pat vs Titans- (3 qtr) Saints vs Vikings - (4 qtr) Eag vs Sea

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Trash Talk

Entered by: Coach Entered on: Sat 1/4 4:30 PM

Payouts are as follow Texans vs Bills First Quarter Patriots vs Titans Second Quarter Vikings vs Saints 3rd Quarter Seattle vs Philadelphia 4th Quarter

Entered by: Coach Entered on: Sat 1/4 5:42 PM

Carryover to the 2nd qtr of the Patriots vs Titans game

Entered by: Coach Entered on: Sat 1/4 10:00 PM

Sweet tee wins 1st qtr and 2nd qtr with Titans 4 Patriots 3

Entered by: Coach Entered on: Sun 1/5 3:29 PM

3rd quarter goes to Jauwan Vikings 0 Saints 0