EhTeam Superbowl 2020

Welcome to the Eh Team Super Bowl 2020 Fundraiser. Squares are $10 with 50% of the proceeds being paid back out to the winners 1st QT - $50 - 2nd QT - $125 - 3rd QT $75 and Final is $250 Thank you for your support - GOOD LUCK and enjoy the game!

This year, try running your NFL Playoff Pool online! It's free:

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Next year, consider running your regular Office Fooball pool online! It makes the whole thing a LOT more fun. We handle NFL pools, college football pools, suicide pools, et. al. You can do that here:
Run your regular office football pool online at

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Entered by: Grumpire Entered on: Sat 2/1 11:32 PM

Good luck everyone !