Payment due Fri b4 Super Bowl $10 per square, if game goes to OT, winners of 4thQ/OT split pot. If payment not paid, squares be free squares. If free hits, money transfers .

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Entered by: JCope Entered on: Thur 1/11 8:20 PM

$5 board online. Easier since we have many people from different areas playing. $5 per square. Money due Friday before the Superbowl. This board also allows me to randomly pick the numbers with a click of a button. If payment is not submitted, squares will remain open until Saturday 9pm for people who did not pay. If not filled, we will make squares "free squares". If that square wins, money will shift to the next Quarter. If the 4th quarter becomes a freebee, the first three winners will split. P.S. I run a $2, $5, and $1. Fill this now, pay asap (before due date) and I will open the $2board then once filled, the $1 board.