Super Bowl LIV 2020CG

Payouts: 1st qtr-100 2nd qtr-100 3rd qtr-100 4th qtr-100(reverse #ís for 2nd&4th ONLY 50$ I will need ALL payments for the amount of squares picked ($10 per square) ASAP Send payments to me through VENMO and I will payout once the quarter ends. Numbers will be selected randomly through the website once all the squares are filled.

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Trash Talk

Entered by: CodyG Entered on: Wed 1/29 8:10 PM

Unfortunately I didnít get as many bites as I thought I would on the squares. So we will fill 50 out of the 100 squares and then everyone will get to DOUBLE their squares they bought for NO COST so we can fill the 100 square grid. Example: If you originally bought 4 squares you get to pick 4 more for FREE. Total of 8 squares. I will let everyone know as soon as we fill the 50. More chances to win now! But unfortunately the payouts will be less. See home page for details. Payouts: 100 per quarter 50 for reverse numbers for 2nd quarter and 4th quarter ONLY GOOD LUCK!!!