ATI NFL Squares 2020

ATI NFL Squares 2020 $5/Square - Min 4 - Max 10 Squares $100 for 1st through 3rd Quarter - $200 for Final Score

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Entered by: Robert Doeringsfeld Entered on: Mon 1/6 7:39 PM

Welcome to the inaugural ATI NFL Squares Tournament. Choose some squares and send money to Robert Doeringsfeld. Cash. Venmo. Pay Pal. Your Project Numbers for me to Bill To. IOUs. Etc. Email me after you pick some squares with how you want to pay. $5/square. Minimum 4 Squares (20). Maximum 10 Squares ($50). There are a total of 100 Squares ($500). One side of the squares will represent the AFC Champion's score {x-axis} and the other side will represent the NFC Champion's score {y-axis}. This pool will only have 1 number for each spot on an axis. The number will be the same for each quarter. There will be four times a winner is chosen: end of the 1st quarter, end of the 2nd quarter, end of the 3rd quarter, and the Final Score (either at the end of the 4th quarter or the end of OT). The winner will have the square that matches the last digit of the score of the AFC Champion and the NFC Champion. For example at the end of the first quarter if the score is 17 (AFC) - 6 (NFC); then the winning square will have a 7 along the x-axis and a 6 along the y-axis. The numbers along the axis will be generated randomly by the website when the squares lock. Payout will be as follows: $100 for 1st Quarter Score $100 for 2nd Quarter Score $100 for 3rd Quarter Score $200 for Final Score (4th Quarter/OT {if necessary}) The Super Bowl is Sunday February 2nd, 2020. Squares will be locked in on Thursday at 10:00 pm (Give or take N/F bedtime}. Completed Squares PDF will be sent out to all participants on Friday January 21, 2020. I wish everyone luck. If there are problems or questions email me at and hopefully I will be able to answer/fix the issue. This is the first time I am running this pool so please be patient if an issue arises. - Thank you.