PreSeason Sunday Game

PreSeason Sunday Game $1.00 a square 25% a quarter payout. All pay will go thru paypal. In the case we have empty squares no one wins it, and it is added to the pot for winners Please make the payment 30min before gametime.

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Trash Talk

Entered by: Luke Cage Entered on: Mon 8/21 8:51 PM

For those who don't already know, in a squares pool, everyone picks one or more out of 100 squares. This is your typical 100 square football pool. At the end of each quarter of the game, the score is used to determine which square won. Only 1 square will be a winner each quarter. What you do is take the LAST digit of the first team's score, and find that number on the left. Then follow that row over to the column that matches the last digit of the SECOND team's score.