TacOmaha Squares!

It's that time of year again! February 5th, the Patriots will face off with the Falcons... 1$ per square. Numbers will be generated once the grid is full. $10 limit at first, then I will open up after everyone has had a chance to buy. Pay to me (KCDC) via Venmo. Payout is $10 for first quarter, $20 for second and third, and $50 for final!

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Trash Talk

Entered by: KCDC Entered on: Mon 1/23 2:09 PM


Entered by: Ethren Entered on: Wed 1/25 0:25 AM

You'll be so lost after the Super Bowl, you'll spend six seasons being chased by a smoke monster.

Entered by: PoofyPuma Entered on: Fri 1/27 1:41 PM

You guys are about to get Poofyed in the Puma! I don't know what that really means...

Entered by: Steeley Matt Entered on: Fri 1/27 11:25 PM

The only thing funnier than all the money I'm going to win this year is the SWEET COMIC SANS all over this site.

Entered by: Bob Loblaw Entered on: Sat 1/28 10:19 PM

In what can only be called an act of pure strategic awesomeness, we chose squares that were always left of Mark's. Or right, if left was taken.

Entered by: Mark Entered on: Wed 2/1 12:42 PM


Entered by: Mark Entered on: Wed 2/1 12:43 PM

This pool is filling up almost as fast as my liberal tears mug after the electionew har har har.