Ray's 2017 SB Pool

Welcome to the 2017 Superbowl Block Pool. Click on a square to select it. You can choose any square that is blank. The last payout will be for the final score, not the 4th quarter. Please give fees to Ray. GOOD LUCK!!

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Trash Talk

Entered by: Art B. Dogg Entered on: Wed 2/1 9:49 PM

If Ray wins more than one quarter, we will know it is fixed!

Entered by: BradysGay Entered on: Thur 2/2 1:47 PM


Entered by: BradysGay Entered on: Sun 2/5 10:36 PM

Pleasure doing business with you all .. suckers.. LOL.. Can't stand that the Pats won, but it did give me the final score, so I'll take it..