Gensior Superbowl

Hey Guys - Changed the pool to $5. I was told I'm cheap and no fun :( $5 per box. Pick your boxes. We need to sell out so go crazy! Payout of Q1 = $75, Q2 = $100, Q3= $75 and $250 for the big show!

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Trash Talk

Entered by: jenngen Entered on: Wed 2/1 8:18 PM

Hey losers. Who is going to put some money in the pool? Brady sucks and I'm all in for the Falcons!!!

Entered by: #DakIsGreat!! Entered on: Fri 2/3 10:26 AM

Hearing from my Houston buddies that game balls have been properly and adequately deflated. New England ready to roll. Go Pats!