Bens Superbowl square

Ben's SuperBowlpool.Its $10 per square.Payout is $150/1st&3rd 300/half 400/final

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Trash Talk

Entered by: pinbot Entered on: Sun 1/29 10:57 PM

pinbot lives in Patriot country. pinbot will win, no doubt about it... but only thanks to the corrupt and pervasive cheating that the Patriots bring to the table. pinbot pinbot has spoken (refers to himself in the 3rd person - clear sign of genius).

Entered by: anti-pinbot Entered on: Tue 1/31 0:20 AM

@pinbot ... I am anti-pinbot. Yes, certainly the New England Patriots are corrupt cheaters... but remember, NY is not considered part of New England. NY is the land of Trump. Trump does not like the crunchy New England hippies. And he's on my side - his strong business ethics, high morale, and forgiving "love" for those who did not align with him during his amazing pie grabbing campaign will see to it that I win more squares than you. Good luck pinbot.

Entered by: pinbot Entered on: Mon 2/6 10:46 PM