AegleaBio Office Pool

Welcome to the Aeglea Unofficial Superbowl Office Pool!! Each Square is $5 and the winner amounts are 1Q: $100 2Q: $100 3Q:$100 Final: $200 Send $$ to me via Venmo @Christopher-VanBesien WINNER: 1Q-Chessa; 2Q-Chessa; 3Q-Chessa; Final:

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Next year, consider running your regular Office Fooball pool online! It makes the whole thing a LOT more fun. We handle NFL pools, college football pools, suicide pools, et. al. You can do that here:
Run your regular office football pool online at

Trash Talk

Entered by: CVB Entered on: Sun 2/5 7:17 PM

Arg....0-0 at the beginning?

Entered by: CVB Entered on: Sun 2/5 9:42 PM

I think Chessa should buy tacos for the office...I will take Avocado, egg and bacon :)